T.I., Isaac Hayes III Reply To Former Mayoral Candidate’s Claims That They Sank Her Chance At Winning Election


A disgruntled candidate who ran for mayor of Atlanta claims T.I. and Isaac Hayes the III ruined her chances at winning!

Atlanta City Council President and defeated mayoral candidate Felicia Moore says that rappers and Hip-Hop influencers are part of why she did not win the election.

Moore believes Mayor-Elect Andre Dickens bested her in this week’s run-off because big names were on social media spreading “fake news” about her shutting down Magic City.

Moore did an exclusive interview with TMZ, where she specifically called out rapper T.I. and tech-giant/soul music heir Isaac Hayes III for lying on her.

Moore first implied that Hayes was obsessed with her. She told TMZ that she never once said she wanted to close the strip clubs but wanted to limit new recording studios going up in the city.

The problem is…T.I. and Hayes were reposting an erroneous headline that they saw from other outlets. They did not originate the misinformation.

On Monday, T.I. posted a screenshot from a gossip blog that said, “Woman Running For Atlanta Mayor Promises To CLOSE ALL STRIP CLUBS!!!”

“If you’re a club owner, a bartender, a dancer, promoter, valet driver, or just a visitor who subscribes to the culture of this city… understand that OUR LIVELIHOODS & WAYS OF LIFE is being threatened. I’d hate for you to wake up tomorrow and your destiny now rests in the hands of people who could care less about your concerns or best interests,” he captioned his Instagram post.

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Isaac Hayes, who heard Moore’s interview, said that she had her facts wrong and went on the Atlanta radio station V103 to set the record straight.


After the Grand Hustle boss watched Moore’s TMZ interview, he took to social media to remind her that she lost the race and send her one important message that many already know about Atlanta, “Creatives run this town.”

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More than anything, this should show people the power of the Hip-Hop voice. Politics will never be the same.