T.I. Slapped With Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Over Damaged Rental Home


A landlord named Farzin Fazeli claims T.I. won’t pay for the damages done to a rental home in Encino, California.

A landlord sued T.I. for allegedly damaging a rental property and refusing to pay the bill.

According to Radar Online, Farzin Fazeli accused T.I. of causing $127,182.65 in damages to a rental home in Encino, California. The landlord claimed the 42-year-old rapper paid a $50,000 deposit that covered some of the damages but never paid the remaining $77,182.65.

Fazeli said T.I. began leasing the California home in July 2020. The landlord sent a 60-day notice to vacate in June 2022.

T.I. paid enough to cover the rent through August, so he didn’t move out until August 31. Fazeli informed his former tenant about the cost of the damages in September, but T.I. allegedly ignored the landlord’s demands for compensation.

“The damages arise from a significant number of alterations done to the property that were done either without knowledge or some limited knowledge, but all with the agreement that the house would be placed back to how it was when it was originally leased,” the lawsuit alleged. “It also includes physical damage, including but not limited to [a] projector, pool house floor, kitchen pantry door, drywall, and ceiling damage. Additionally, a painting owned by [Fazeli] was taken by [T.I.].”

Fazeli sued for breach of contract in an effort to collect the money. He asked the court to award him more than $77,000 and force T.I. to cover the landlord’s legal fees.