T.I. Warns His Son King Following Arrest: “He Gon’ Learn His Lesson”

T.I. and Family

T.I.’s son King Harris was arrested, prompting his father to speak about the potential consequences of his kid’s actions.

T.I. addressed the arrest of his son King Harris in an Instagram video posted on Friday (September 2).

The Grand Hustle rapper told his followers to stop messaging him about how to handle his 18-year-old son’s arrest. T.I. noted he already spoke with King about the situation.

“I know my son,” he said. “You think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his mama and they grandmamas, his ass going to prison. If he g###### keep that s### up, his ass going to prison. Ain’t no way ‘round it. Ain’t nothing I’ma be able to do about it. Can’t nobody stop it but him. I’ve already had the conversation. I’ve already made my peace with it. ‘Cause I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s gonna turn out.”

Earlier this year, King Harris was involved in an altercation at a Waffle House. A few days ago, he landed behind bars following a traffic stop.

T.I. disapproved of his son’s actions but felt he couldn’t do anything to stop King’s misconduct. He believed his son would learn the hard way about the consequences for bad behavior.

“King’s a good kid chasing after the wrong s###,” he said. “I trust in God to deal with it the way that he see fit … [King] done got all of the whoopings. He done got the [punishments]. He did everything as a child you can do to him. So now, he gone have to go through it and get through it.”

T.I. continued, “I’ma love him all [the] way through whatever it is he going through. And s###, man, he gon’ learn his lessons. Life is going to teach him all the lessons that he need to know. And that’s the most that we can do. That’s the best we can ask for.”

Watch T.I. discuss King’s arrest below.

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