T.I. Says Oprah Winfrey Should Be The First Female President


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper T.I. has transitioned into one of Hip-Hop’s most political figures over the past two years.

T.I. has put himself at the forefront of a variety of hot button issues, including police brutality, racism and of course politics, while releasing music and open letters to back up his ideology.

T.I. was a guest on the latest episode of N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs” podcast which also included sitdowns with French Montana and A$AP Rocky.

The conversation soon turned to Donald Trump, who is being inaugurated in Washington D.C., today (January 20).

When French Montana chimed in during a conversation on politics and said he felt that discrimination against women in today’s society played a big role in Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-Elect, Donald Trump, T.I. respectfully disagreed.

“I just don’t think she was the right woman. I think Oprah Winfrey should [run]. I think Oprah should be the first female president,” T.I. said.

T.I., seems to have appeared to soften his stance on women running the United States.

In October of 2015, he was forced to apologize about comments he made regarding America, a woman, specifically Hillary Clinton, not being ready for a woman president.

Although T.I. apologized for the comments, it looks like voters ended up agreeing with his initial assessment of the political landscape in America.

T.I. did not speak bad on Hillary Clinton, but he felt Bernie Sanders should have been the Democratic nominee.

“The democracy is supposed to be for the majority to look out for the greater good of all, “T.I. said. “You understand what I’m saying? Right now, what he [Donald Trump] did was he played to the selfishness of the majority. The majority, which is insecurities and the racist tendencies of [middle America.]

“He’s [Donald Trump] a businessman that looks after him,” T.I said. “A businessman looks out for him and his business. A president looks out for the country and all of its people.”

T.I. also dismissed the chance of Jay Z or Kanye West making any real traction in the 2020 presidential elections, he did throw one name out there that he felt could have been the current POTUS.

The reality show star/actor has no immediate plans for office himself, unlike Kanye West, who said he will make a run for the White House in 2020.

You can check out the full interview of “Drink Champs” with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN featuring T.I. French Montana and ASAP Rocky on Spotify.

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