Takeoff’s Mom Sues Bowling Alley Owners; Blames Them For Rapper’s Death


Titania Davenport, the mother of Takeoff, seeks more than $1 million in damages in her wrongful death lawsuit.

Takeoff’s mother Titania Davenport filed a lawsuit against the owners of the Houston bowling alley where her son was fatally shot.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Davenport sued 810 Billiards & Bowling for failing to provide proper security on the night of Takeoff’s death. Davenport sought to bring “each and every claim permissible under Texas law” against the bowling alley’s owners and several LLCs associated with the establishment.

“Defendants breached their duty owed to [Takeoff] by failing to exercise ordinary care to keep the premises safe,” Davenport’s lawyer wrote. “Defendants owed a duty to keep the premises and approaches safe for their invitees.”

Takeoff’s mom believed the bowling alley was liable for his shooting death. Her lawyer claimed the owners knowingly neglected to keep the venue safe.

“Prior to and on November 1, 2022, Defendants negligently maintained, inspected, secured, patrolled, lighted, and managed the subject premises to include the parking areas,” Davenport’s attorney wrote. “Defendants had actual and constructive knowledge of the need to properly maintain, secure, inspect, patrol, light and manage said premises, but failed to exercise ordinary care to do so, thereby creating an unreasonable risk of injury to invitees, including [Takeoff].”

The lawyer continued, “Defendants provided no screening mechanisms, no after-hour controls or security measures and no enforcement of rules or industry standards to deter crime against their invitees … In fact, social media posting in advance of the party made it clear that not only basic security measures needed to be followed, but advance planning and consideration should have been taken into account, which Defendants were negligent in failing to do.”

The attorney said the bowling alley owners “knew or should have known about the history of violent criminal activity at the subject property and in the surrounding high-crime area.” The lawsuit blamed the venue’s negligence for Takeoff’s death.

Takeoff’s mother requested damages for personal injury, conscious pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of the enjoyment of life, wrongful death, funeral expenses, incidental expenses, loss of earning capacity and more. She demanded more than $1 million in monetary relief.

A grand jury indicted Patrick Xavier Clark, the man accused of killing Takeoff, for murder in May. Police arrested Clark in December 2022. He was released on bail in January.