Takeoff Murder Suspect Wants Bails Reduced From $2M To $100K, Vows To Live With Parents 


Takeoff’s alleged killer Patrick Xavier Clark is asking the court to reduce his hefty bond, granting him temporary freedom while awaiting trial.

The man accused of shooting Migos rapper Takeoff has asked a judge to reduce his $2 million bail, promising to live with his parents if the court grants his request.  

Patrick Xavier Clark filed a motion in Texas Monday (Dec. 12), TMZ reports, following his arrest by Houston PD on December 2 in connection with the fatal shooting of the 28-year-old rapper.  

Clark 33, charged with murder in connection with Takeoff’s death, has made several requests since his arrest. The latest request for financial assistance concerned his bail, which his attorney claims he cannot afford.  

His motion Monday asked the court to reduce his hefty $2 million bail to $100k so that he can remain free while he awaits trial. According to Clark, if granted, he can pay £100k with the help of a bail bondsman.  

Clark Promises To Return To His Parents Home While Awaiting Trial

Furthermore, Clark made promises should the court grant his motion. If granted bail, releasing him from state custody, he will return home to live with his parents. The suspect allegedly lived with his parents before his arrest.  

He also promised to wear a GPS ankle monitor upon his release and to abide by any curfew set by the court. In addition, Clark will surrender his passport and comply with any “no-contact” order the judge sees fit to set.  

Last week, as reported by AllHipHop.com, Clark asked the court for financial assistance to cover the costs of a private investigator. He filed a motion requesting $5,000 for a P.I. to prepare his defense for trial.  

Clark claimed he was unable to cover the costs himself and had already exhausted his family’s finances to cover his attorney’s “substantially reduced” fees. He claims the P.I. agreed to work for him at a reduced rate of $85 per hour.  

Takeoff was fatally shot outside a Houston Bowling alley on November 1, after attending a dice game. He was only 28 years old.