Talib Kweli Says He “Doesn’t F*ck With” Don Lemon, Names Rappers That Are The Voice Of This Generation (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) A year ago Talib Kweli was being interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon, and the exchange quickly turned into a back-and-forth over the network’s coverage of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. A VladTV interview with Kweli was recently uploaded to YouTube which included the Brooklyn emcee addressing his on-air argument with Lemon.

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“I don’t f*ck with Don Lemon… I heard that people don’t like him. I had read some things he said that I didn’t agree with, but I went in really happy and excited to do the interview with him,” said Kweli. “Here’s a Black gay man who is on the news and somebody I was looking forward to having a conversation and relationship with. I wasn’t expecting him to be so disrespectful as he was to me.”

The Q&A also included the Reflection Eternal member talking about police brutality, the Eric Garner settlement, his appreciation for Nina Simone, and rappers he sees as the voice of this generation.

“I don’t see potential voices. I see actual voices,” states Kweli. “From Killer Mike to Kendrick Lamar to J. Cole to Rapsody to Joey Bada$$ to Tito Lopez, that’s just the people I’m naming off the top of my head.”

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Watch Talib Kweli’s interview below