Talib Kweli: Trump’s Presidency Is America Paying Us Back For The N-gger President (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Veteran emcee Talib Kweli has always been one to speak out on social and political issues.

TMZ caught up with the Brooklyn native to ask him about how the Donald Trump administration has affected Barack Obama’s legacy.

“I think it’s made people understand the bar is set way lower for white people,” responded The Seven co-creator. “Trump could be mediocre. He could even be a failure. Obama had to work so much more harder than everybody else.”

Kweli continued, “He had so many more obstacles in front of him than Donald Trump has, and he still was called a monkey. He was still called a liar to his face by our congressmen. Donald Trump lies every day, and nobody called him a liar to his face.”

The head of Javotti Media went on to discuss the racial component to Trump winning the White House.

“That’s the whole reason Donald Trump’s president. It’s America paying us back for the n-gger president,” added Kweli.