Aye Verb’s Diss Track Call Out Gets Talib Kweli Response: “This Is A Clout Chase”  

Talib Kweli

Aye Verb challenged Talib Kweli to diss track battle, but the Black Star rapper refused, accusing the battle rapper of clout chasing.  

Talib Kweli is going back and forth with Aye Verb after being challenged to a battle. The St. Louis battle rapper appeared on a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast He brought up his beef with the Black Star rapper and challenged him to put his abilities to the test. 

“He can’t do nothing with me,” Verb declared before adding, “Set up a date.” When fellow battle rapper Swave Sevah said Kweli would “Find every excuse not to” battle him, Verb said he would “come to his world” and get on a track. 

Aye Verb also insisted he wasn’t sleeping on Kweli but said he’s no competition.  

“Eh Talib, we could suit up. We’ll drop it the same day at the same time, “ he offered. “I been with the greatest rappers on this planet, in their faces. We ain’t worried about them n#####. They play with pads on. We ain’t got no pads on.” 

Verb continued, claiming industry artists aren’t as skilled as battle rappers. “Y’all can’t f### with us in no shape, fashion or form,” he added. “We coming to take something from you. Y’all trying to survive, we gonna take that. The thing that makes us special is we dogs.”  

Once Kweli caught wind of the call out, he couldn’t help himself from questioning why Math Hoffa gave Aye Verb a platform. Also, big surprise, he aligned him with Nazis.

“Ayo @math.hoffa the most important question is missing here,” he wrote on Instagram. “That’s “why?” Why do these goofies you giving space to have an issue with me? For what reason? I don’t know these dudes. This corny as f###.” 

Kweli also accused Verb of being in league with “a white nazi troll who supports Trump and the Proud Boys.”  Verb responded in the comments section, telling Kweli, “you need your meds,” and claimed he makes more money from rapping. 

Kweli pushed back, calling Verb a liar and declaring, “I been relevant and viable since 97. I’m a published author. I speak at universities. My catalog crazy. My name come out the mouth of legends.” 

He told Verb, “We are not the same. This is a clout chase.” 

Check out his response below.  

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