Tasha K Loses Cardi B Appeal On Technicality; Vows To Fight $4 Million Judgement

Cardi B vs Tasha K

Tasha K is denying reports. she lost her appeal to Cardi B, claiming it was all due to a technicality! Read more!

YouTube blogger Tasha K is still refusing to give rapper Cardi B the $4 million a judge ordered her to pay in damages after losing in the defamation case the Grammy winner filed against her.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, originally, the influencer, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, got into a gang of trouble for saying the “WAP” chart-topper had herpes. 

She was found liable by a jury for defamation, false light invasion of privacy, and intention of emotional distress.

Judge William Ray gave her the sentence.

“During the jury trial, the Defendants were prevented from presenting character evidence and specific instances of conduct of the Plaintiff, despite the fact that under Georgia law, if there is an assertion of damage to reputation, Plaintiff’s character is substantively at issue,” Tasha K’s attorneys wrote. “The jury heard a very lop-sided presentation of evidence and, because they did not get to learn who the Plaintiff truly is, the jury returned a general verdict for the Plaintiff, against both Defendants.”

After being found guilty of spreading the tea in a way that could damage the artist’s brand, she filed an appeal against the verdict.

Her team wrote, “Plaintiff’s case was based on six statements, which she alleged were defamatory. However, Plaintiff failed to prove, with clear and convincing evidence, that the Defendants published any of the six statements with actual malice.”

“The gist of Plaintiff’s evidence consisted of her general denial that any of the statements were true. Meanwhile, the Defendants presented evidence that proved they did not act with actual malice,” the lawyers continued to argue. 

“The Plaintiff also failed to present evidence to show that the Defendants directed any of the six statements at her, thereby preventing her from recovering for intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

This week, reports have started circulating in the media, saying she lost the appeal. She seems to be even more defiant in her refusal to honor the judge’s very expensive ruling.

She is now telling press that she will file another appeal.

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Tasha K shared a conversation with a Billboard employee who asked said, “I saw the dismissal order at the 11th Circuit in the Almanzar v. Kebe case. But I assume you’ll just refile the appeal when a final judgment is entered? Just saw some seemingly misleading media reports and wanted to check in on where things stand.”

In response, Tasha K thanked the researcher for being thorough and reaching out to get her side. She explained that the appeal dismissal was “based on a procedural issue, not on the substance of our brief.”

She said, “You are correct in stating that we will refile as soon as the district court enters final judgment. We’ve been in contact with the district court and the order will be entered any day now. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me at this time.”