TDE Artist Reason Calls Label’s President A “Master Manipulator” During Intense Argument

Reason - TDE

Top Dawg Entertainment president Moosa insulted Reason after the TDE rapper aired out some career frustrations on a podcast.

Top Dawg Entertainment president Moosa belittled TDE artist Reason on an episode of the Back on Figg podcast. The two got into a heated argument after Moosa called into the show to object to Reason’s album rollout frustrations.

“Can you name 10 Reason songs?” Moosa asked the podcast hosts. “[Former TDE executive] Dave [Free] never wanted us to sign Reason. He called him a substitute teacher.”

Moosa blamed Reason for failing to generate buzz. The TDE president mentioned newer signees Doechii and Ray Vaughn as examples of artists finding more success with less output than Reason, who said he wasn’t allowed to release new music as often as he wanted.

Reason also claimed label delays prevented him from securing certain features. Moosa dismissed the notion of the collaborations helping the TDE artist’s career.

“This n####’s a master manipulator,” Reason said of Moosa. “I never said Doechii would make or break my career. I never said a feature would make or break my career … You’re a manipulator. You’re lying.”

Reason insisted he never attacked TDE and criticized Moosa’s response. The rapper swore he simply told the truth about situations he’s dealt with in his career.

“All I said on this podcast was my only issue was being consistent, and I have not been allowed to be consistent,” he said.

Fans wondered if the argument was staged to promote Reason’s new album Porches. He denied the speculation on Tuesday (August 8).

“I appreciate ppl that’s reached out to me,” Reason wrote on Twitter. “Trust I’m as good as I can be. We’ll have a real convo at some point about what happened, just trust that wasn’t a ‘rollout move’ lol that actually happened! All positive energy as of now moving forward tho! Porches Friday! Love y’all!”

Reason’s new album drops on Friday (August 11).