TDE President Punch Says Good Music Trumps Marketing & Promotion Amid Online Rap Drama 

Punch shared his thoughts on artists using marketing and promo to go viral rather than ensuring fans rate their music.

Top Dawg Entertainment boss Punch shared a message for artists who emphasise going viral while forgetting to focus on making good music. 

Punch’s remarks come after weeks of online drama within the Hip Hop community. Cardi B, who in August claimed other celebrities use her as a marketing plan, spent hours going back and forth on Twitter with Akbar V on Monday (Sept. 26).  

The subtweets began after Akbar V appeared to downplay the success of Cardi B’s GloRilla collab “Tomorrow 2.” Cardi responded, and the pair traded shots throughout the day, with their respective fanbases becoming involved. As reported by, the exchange became very heated.  

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj was embroiled in her own social media drama recently. Her dispute with a blogger accusing her of taking cocaine resulted in the rapper filing a lawsuit. Nicki also took a series of subliminal shots at “entitled duds” after dropping her “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” this month. 

According to Punch, to ensure longevity as an artist, fans need to be talking about the quality of the music.  

“In my experience… you can have all the marketing and promotion in the world, but if ppl aren’t saying your music is good it doesn’t matter much.” 

While Punch acknowledged artists “absolutely need” marketing and promotion, “the actual music is the most important.”