TDE’s Punch Reacts To Joke About Isaiah Rashad’s Sexuality

The Top Dawg President checks JAHMED.

Earlier this year, footage of a man resembling Isaiah Rashad performing oral sex on another man went viral on social media. The Top Dawg Entertainment emcee never publicly addressed the video.

Someone from the TDE camp has now commented on Isaiah Rashad’s sexuality. Top Dawg President Terrence “Punch” Henderson Jr. checked a troll on Twitter for joking about Rashad.

The exchange between Punch and Los Angeles-based recording artist JAHMED actually began over a take about Jay-Z. In a tweet posted on April 6, Punch referred to Jay as the G.O.A.T. of Hip Hop.

JAHMED responded to Punch’s tweet about Jay-Z by questioning why the rapper/executive is not more worried about Isaiah Rashad allegedly having sex with men. Punch fired back on Twitter.

“Wait… so you want me to be concerned about another grown man’s sex life?? Is that what you’re really interested in? As [opposed] to having a dialogue about music??” asked Punch.

JAHMED deleted his tweet about Isaiah Rashad, but Punch reposted a screenshot of the tweet to his 240,000 followers. The back-and-forth ended with JAHMED offering an apology to Punch and Isaiah Rashad.

“Smh. That was a weak-ass/distasteful joke that I said earlier and I own that. On God, I’ve always been a Zay Wop fan and I got none but love and respect for Him, Punch, and the whole TDE team!!! [Apologies]️!!!!!!!!” tweeted JAHMED.

Punch responded, “I respect that. I appreciate you saying it publicly. 🙏🏽.” Despite receiving some backlash online, several Hip Hop figures came out in support of Isaiah Rashad after the sex tape hit the internet in February.