Tee Grizzley’s Home Robbed For $1M+ Worth Of Jewelry

Tee Grizzley

Chart-topper, who went to jail for robbing people, has ironically been a victim of a home robbery- right around the time he dropped a new project called “Robber 1.”

Rapper Tee Grizzley, once known as a burglar, has been robbed of over $1 million worth of jewelry. The crooks went into his home, almost two weeks ago, burglarizing his safe space.

Reports say no one was at the Porter Ranch (San Fernando Valley) home during the crime. However, the thieves according to TMZ, gained access to the house by smashing a window.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, back in college, Tee Grizzley was known to be a burglar, breaking into other students’ dorm rooms at Michigan State University. However, after going to prison and learning the law he changed his life around.

More ironic than his history with breaking and entering, is the timing of his new project, the fourth part in the “Robbery” series.

The Detroit native took to social media to share the news with his followers, tweeting, “ROBBERY 1 is finally on streaming so go run that up I know y’all been waiting for Part 4 so stay tuned cuz that’s coming REAL soon and it’s only the first CHAPTER OF THE TRENCHES by Tee Grizzley 📕✍🏾🐻”

“Robbery 4” was released on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

The first still says R.I.P. to PnB Rock, who was murdered in a robbery the day before.

The other three parts were released on YouTube earlier this year.