Tekashi69’s Baby’s Mom In Brazilian Butt Lift Nightmare

Sara Molina

Sara Molina is recovering in Columbia after her Brazilian butt lift became a medical event.

In today’s episode of plastic surgery goes wrong, troubled rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s daughter’s mother has experienced some trauma while getting her body done up in South America.

Sara Molina went to Colombia to have 360 liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift.

During the two surgeries, which took up five hours to complete, her Multiple Sclerosis was triggered, and later after the procedure her body basically started to spazz out.

The lead physician, a man named Dr. Humberto Peña, and his team tried to help her during the flare-up by giving her “nausea medicine.”

At the same time, they removed the pain medicine that was being pumped through her abdomen through a tube placed under her skin.

It is reported that she is not able to lay down flatly and has had to get a special recliner in a fancy-schmancy facility called Llux Recovery in the tropical paradise.

She’ll be there until the middle of May recuperating. Despite the MS trauma, she is very pleased with the results.

So much so, she took to social media to promote Llux Recovery and the doctors.

Sara Molina
Sara Molina

After deleting all other posts, she wrote:

“I’d like to begin by saying thank you so much to Junito @lluxerecovery for making sure my experience has been going smooth. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YALL BOOK WITH HIM. From consultation, to a doctor recommendation, & making sure we had a sfe flight. An amazing experience all around, especially at the recovery home. The staff has been taking AMAZING care of us here since we have landed. I honestly have no complaints. We love it here & I really do mean it 🥺💕••A special thank you to the most lit doctor out here 🥵💪🏼 @drpena_cirujanoplastico I’m so happy, words can’t describe it. I can proudly say I’m a Muñeca de Peña. 🤷🏻‍♀‍He made sure that everything was set in stone as I wanted before moving forward. I’m so in love with my end result. I love my new new body Kanye Voice ••If anyone is looking to book with them, please consult with @lluxerecovery. Please understand, as we all have different bodies, not everything and everyone will work the same for us. I was recommended to Dr.Peña due to my body type and shape. It is very important to consult before booking any

Perhaps, she doesn’t really know Kanye’s voice … the one that was crying when his mother died from plastic surgery (liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a breast reduction) gone wrong in 2007.