WATCH: Tekashi 69 Gets Into An Altercation At UFC 266

Tekashi 69

Rap star Tekashi 69 wasn’t on the bill, but he managed to steal some headlines for getting into a dispute at UFC 266!

Tekashi 69’s infamy follows him everywhere he goes.

The rapper is either loved or hated – there’s usually no in-between – after he cut a deal with the feds and testified against his gang to save his skin.

Since his early release from prison in 2020 as a reward for cooperating, Tekashi 69 has had several run-ins with his detractors.

He has had dust-ups with random fans, as well as high-profile rappers like Meek Mill.

Tekashi 69 added another high-profile incident to his resume over the weekend at UFC 266. The rapper decided to attend and watch the fights, but things did not go too well.

He was being heckled as he made his way through the crowd when one guy took things to another level. After hurling insults and cuss words at the rapper, he threw his drink at Tekashi 69.

The Brooklyn rapper, born Daniel Hernandez, proved that he wasn’t afraid to mix things up a bit.

After getting mildly splashed, Tekashi 69 threw his drink at the man, but he missed him and hit a bunch of people standing nearby.

According to TMZ,  the rapper was not charged in the incident, but the guy who started the whole mess was led away in handcuffs.

Thankfully, it was just liquid and nothing that could have done damage to the bystanders, unlike an incident at a Florida strip club in February of 2021.

During that altercation, Tekashi 69 hurled a champagne bottle at someone taunting him inside the Gold Rush Cabaret.

However, he missed his target and hit a stripper in the head, and now he’s fighting a massive lawsuit from the stripper, who claims she suffered severe injuries.