Tekashi69 Jumping Into The NFT Game In A Big Way

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Controversial Brooklyn rapper Tekashi69 it’s about to drop a bunch of limited edition NFTs.

Troubled Brooklyn rapper Tekashi69 is about to shake the collector’s world up by dropping music via two unique 3d animated NFT collectible art pieces on Friday, April 9th at 4 pm EST/ 1 pm PST.

While no one knows exactly what they will be getting, fans (or just collectors) are being told that he will be pulling concepts from both his Tattletales and Dummy Boy albums and splashing them up visually.

Oh, it’s about to get stupid. Can you imagine how high the bids for these jawns will be in that auction?

Don’t worry, if you can’t afford to hop into the big boy game (like who can?), Tekashi69 will be releasing a limited amount of affordable NFT’s for his average fanbase.

125 versions of 3 different NFT’s will be released at a lower price point (still ain’t gonna be cheap).

As a bonus, regardless of which one/level you purchase, 6ix9ine will give all 127 a surprise personalized gift at a later time.

The mastermind behind the rainbowed-hair chart-topper is Bondly.finance and they are about to come in and cake off this one event.

The company’s CEO Brandon Smith said that they have a very specific vision for this technology and this bounce-back artist.

“Our vision is to help create NFT’s that have multiple levels of engagement for creators and fans,” He said. “The two auction pieces are not only awesome digital art, they will also have unique features inside our various gaming and metaverse partners. Only their owner will be able to experience it.”

To participate in or watch this international auction, which will be open to every single person on the planet with the internet, on April 9th lock in at https://market.bswap.app and don’t be late.

Like it or not, millions still love this guy.