Teyana Taylor Shuns “Nepo Baby” Label; Says Her Career Was Hard Earned

Teyana Taylor

Is Teyana Taylor a dreaded “nepo baby?” Teyana says she earned her career on her own! Read more!

Teyana Taylor is adamant she isn’t a “nepo baby.”

During a chat with Jeremy O. Harris for the latest issue of https://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/teyana-taylor-is-mother Interview magazine, the actress/singer was asked to weigh in on the debate over the term, which typically refers to the children of celebrities who have succeeded in pursuing Hollywood careers.

“I’ve seen all these tweets like, ‘That’s crazy. I never knew Teyana was a nepo baby,’ and I’m like, ‘Tell me who my celebrity parents are?'” she replied, referring to her mother Nikki Taylor, who works in the fashion industry. “Let’s be clear. My mom was literally a workaholic, she worked her ass off to make sure I had everything that I needed.”

And as for how she landed an appearance on the MTV reality show “My Super Sweet 16” in 2007, Teyana explained that the gig was orchestrated by Pharrell Williams and her team at the time.

“By the time we got to my sweet 16, I had just signed my first contract with Star Trak, Pharrell Williams’s label, and me, my mom and Pharrell, and the label, we came together,” the 32-year-old continued. “That was from her hard-earned money and my hard-earned money from getting my record deal. I was just this little Harlem girl, and we sat down and watched ‘Sweet 16,’ and I knew I wanted to set the tone. I’m from New York. I don’t want no car. I want a bike. You feel me?”