Tank Blames Tyrese’s Greed For TGT Breakup; Tyrese Responds (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The breakup of R&B supergroup TGT has been very messy. Tyrese and Ginuwine got into a public spat in December. An Instagram message from Ginuwine included the singer calling Tyrese a “diva,” “little boy,” and “wack.”

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Tank, the third member of the group, recently spoke with TMZ about the situation. He puts the blame for TGT’s demise on Tyrese demanding more money than the others. When asked if TGT could possibly reunite, Tank replied, “Nope… Tyrese still doesn’t want to split the money equally, so we’re done.”

According to a representative for Tyrese, the TGT profits were never to be split equally. Tyrese was supposedly expected to earn more money because he had a more successful career.

Tyrese saw Tank’s interview and responded directly on IG. The creator of the #1 album Black Rose posted a meme that read, “Guess who ain’t gotta explain sh*t to nobody.” He also wrote in the pic’s caption, “[Tank] I see we taking it to TMZ levels now……. I love you too….. Let me know when we gonna get the next play date locked in Shayla keeps asking about Zoey……. #Family.”

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Watch Tank’s interview and check out Tyrese’s Instagram post below.