The Game Says Kanye West Did More For His Career In 2 Weeks Than Dr. Dre Ever Did

The Game Kanye West

The Game recently collaborated with Kanye West on “Eazy,” and says Ye’s recent contributions helped his career more than Dre ever did.

The Game is set to appear on an upcoming episode of Drink Champs which already has the internet in a frenzy.  

A trailer for N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast is receiving a lot of attention after dropping on Monday (Feb. 28). Among the comments The Game makes in the trailer is the assertion that Kanye West has done more for him recently than Dr. Dre ever did.  

“It’s crazy that Ye did more for me in the last two weeks than Dre did for me my whole career,” he said in the clip. 

Although the snippet gives no context, the pair dropped their collaborative single “Eazy,” last month. He also made an appearance at Ye’s DONDA 2 listening event in Miami last week.  

However, Dr. Dre has made significant contributions to The Game’s career. He signed him to Aftermath Entertainment in 2003, and executive produced his 2004 debut album The Documentary. 

Twitter Reacts To The Game’s Comments

People on Twitter were quick to condemn The Game’s remarks. Hip-Hop statistics account @HipHopNumbers claims to have done the math. 

“The Game has name-dropped Dr. Dre 174 times in his studio album career alone (19/album)” they note. “He even name-drops Dre 79 times more than he name drops himself…”  

Another user called out The Game for name-dropping Dre before downplaying his input on Drink Champs.  

“The Game had Dr Dre name in his mouth on 80% of his songs & he fronted on Dre on Drink Champs?” 

Meanwhile, others just expect him to tell a bevy of lies on the show.  

“By the end of the “Drink Champs” interview…Game will have: 1. Chilled Wit Obama Recently In Tulum 2. Caught Covid & Lost A Lung 3. Talked With Putin And last but not least 4. Have Been In The Hospital Room Holding 2Pac’s Hand As He Passed Away Did I miss anything????🤔”

“The Game’s Drink Champs interview gonna be some of the greatest lies we’re ever gonna hear.” 

The Game’s interview with Drink Champs premieres this Thursday (Mar. 3) on Revolt TV.