The Mike Brown/Darren Wilson Indictment Decision Expected Today

Will Darren Wilson Get Off?

Sources with AllHipHop have begun whispering that a decision will be handed down on a Ferguson police officer that killed unarmed Mike Brown in August.

However, the early report is that the odds are not favorable that Darren Wilson will go to trial for murder.

Justin Hansford, Assistant Professor St Louis University Law School, told AllHipHop, “A prosecutor is supposed to make the case (for murder), that’s his job. (Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch) just said ‘Look at the evidence (against Darren Wilson).”

Hansford also outlined the law in the case, arguing that it is clearly states a crime was committed by Officer Wilson.

“The law around excessive use of force in Missouri is unconstitutional.  If they don’t issue a grand jury announcement correcting that, the whole thing is illegitimate,” he said.

However, an antiquated, largely unused law may offer a loophole for Wilson, according to

An outdated Missouri law that allows police to shoot an unarmed fleeing felon could help Officer Darren Wilson avoid an indictment and prison, legal experts say.

If St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch advises the grand jury to follow the outdated law, he would be reducing the chances of an indictment. Wilson could be viewed as acting in line with state law when he shot unarmed Michael Brown after he began to flee.

Now, only time will tell when and if a verdict will be handed down. In order to get a grand jury decision has to be unanimous 100% agreement.

Other sources have indicated that a press conference may happen later simply to inform the press and the people that no decision has been made. CNN has definitively confirmed that the grand jury has made a decision.

AllHipHop will continue to keep rolling updates as they come.