The Takeover: Jay Z Jet Company Bolstering East Coast Operations


(AllHipHop News) When you are a boss, you do boss things and owning or backing a jet company is definitely on that list of boss things to do.

Recently Jay Z’s company JetSmarter announced a planned expansion to take over the East Coast with more options for its members and guest consumers.

No stranger to the G4’s, G5’s and other lavish private jets, Jay Z has often talked about flying on jets in raps songs like, “What More Can I Say” on The Black Album.

“Young H-O / Pitch the yay faithful
Even if they patrol I make payroll
Benz paid for /Friends they roll
Private jets down to Turks and Caicos”- Jay Z

JetSmarter is backed by over $50 million in funding, and Hova’s Fort Lauderdale, FL based startup will feature the ability to book on-demand.

While members can now schedule flights on private jets between New York City and Boston, Jay Z’s flight company currently offers over 20 routes.

Routes include flights from London to Geneva, Paris to Nice, Kuwait to Dubai, New York to Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles.

According to, JetSmarter has a  mobile app for convenience and charges its members an annual fee.

If you don’t have the $9,000 annual fee, non-members can also book on-demand private jet flights and rent the entire jet or share seats with others.

Jay Z has been busy lately recently signing Khaled to the management extension of his company Roc Nation.

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