The Weeknd Addresses His Character’s “Gluttonous” Sex Scene In “The Idol”

The Weeknd

The Weeknd says “there’s nothing sexy” about his’The Idol’ character and the controversial bedroom romp he categorizes as “gluttonous.”

The Weeknd is confronting the controversy surrounding his new series, HBO’s The Idol, and his character’s recent sex scene. Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye plays the role of shady club owner “Tedros” in the show. In the second episode, his character attempts to get it on with pop star “Jocelyn.” The show went viral after the episode aired, with fans taking to social media to discuss the show and its racy yet awkward bedroom romps.  

 During a recent interview with GQ, The Weeknd denied The Idol was supposed to feel overtly sexy.  

“There’s nothing sexy about it,” he claimed. “When we use Basic Instinct as a reference, we’re using Verhoeven. Verhoeven is the king of ‘90s satire thriller—yes, there’s moments of ‘sexy’ in his films but there are other moments that are very cheesy and hilarious.

“How ever you’re feeling watching that scene, whether it’s discomfort, or you feel gross, or you feel embarrassed for the characters. It’s all those emotions adding up to: This guy is in way over his head, this situation is one where he is not supposed to be here.” 

Furthermore, The Weeknd defended the “gluttonous” sex scene in The Idol episode 2, reasoning that his “loser” character can’t believe he’s there with this pop star.  

“You look at him, and this is a score—Jocelyn might be the biggest score he’s ever had,” he added. “It’s very obvious. He’s over-indulging, he walks into this house looking around like, G######, am I way over my head? This can be the biggest job I’ve ever done. Whatever it is that he’s doing. Even the sex, it’s so gluttonous [laughs]. Especially in episode 2. ‘Gluttony’ is the only word I can think of [to describe it]. He can’t believe he’s there.”