The Weeknd Restored FKA Twigs’ Confidence In Music

The Weeknd

FKA Twigs explained how The Weeknd restored her faith and music by deciding to collaborate with her! Read more!

FKA Twigs’ confidence was restored when she reached out to The Weeknd for a collaboration, and he said yes.

The British singer-songwriter, real name Tahliah Barnett, worked up the courage to send the “Blinding Lights” hitmaker a text asking for him to feature on her song “Tears in the Club” and could not believe it when he agreed.

“Honestly, in its very beginning, I couldn’t imagine he would say yes,” she told Variety. “Pablo (Díaz-Reixa, co-writer/producer El Guincho) thought I was being silly and that, of course, The Weeknd would want to be on it. We got up the confidence to write the text – you know how your friend gasses you up to do something – so I did it, sent him the MP3, and he knocked out the vocals within two weeks. He loved it.”

The 34-year-old added that having The Weeknd feature on her song gave her a real boost, saying, “That restored a lot of confidence in me, that I can reach out to Abel (the Weeknd) and other artists I might want to work with.”

The singer decided to write about having the courage to ask for what she wants on her song Lightbeamers, which features the lyrics, “Lay down your fears, baby, ain’t nobody die from it.”

Explaining the line, Twigs said, “One thing I have learned on this album is that you’re not going to die from asking a question or hearing ‘no.’ If you want something, go and get it.”

Both “Lightbeamers” and “Tears in the Club” feature on her mixtape Caprisongs, which was released in January.