The Weeknd Threatens To Back Out Of Coachella, Demands Same Pay As Kanye West 

The Weeknd

The Weeknd stepped up for Kanye West as a last-minute replacement to headline the Coachella Festival, but they had to match his pay.

The Weeknd wants the same bag Kanye West was due to receive for headlining Coachella and reportedly threatened to pull out if organizers failed to stump up the case. 

As AllHipHop reported, The Weekend was slated to replace Ye after he pulled out earlier this week. He is demanding he gets paid the same amount as the rapper, otherwise he won’t perform, according to a report from Page Six.  

Kanye West was apparently due to receive $8 million, plus a $500,000 production fee for his set at the festival. He withdrew, leaving Coachella with less than two weeks to find a replacement. The Weeknd wants organizers to match Ye’s fee if they want him to show up.  

Page Six claims to have received information from their sources that Coachella wanted to pay the “Blinding Lights” singer much less. “Just a few million,” the source said. “The festival would pocket the rest.” 

Furthermore, they say that the new line-up was made public despite the deal not being agreed upon. The Weeknd then “threatened to pull out at an hour’s notice” if the Ye deal wasn’t matched. Negotiations were finally completed on Wednesday and they “agreed to pay The Weeknd the same money” as Ye.  

The Weeknd shared the festival flyer for the festival on his socials on Wednesday, confirming his appearance.

Meanwhile, Abel dropped the video for “Out of Time” earlier this week. The song is from his Dawn FM album and features a cameo from comedian Jim Carrey. Check it out below. 

The Weeknd – Out of Time