T.I. Building A Housing Development In Bankhead

T.I. Tip Harris TI

T.I. is doing something amazing for the local community in Atlanta. He has taken an abandoned shopping center and building a brand new housing complex for local residents!

T.I. is something to marvel at.

The Teflon emcee seems to not only wear the crown as the “King of the South,” but he maintains his monarchy (despite legal and cancel culture coups that try and take him down) by making good music and giving back.

Last week the Grand Hustler announced on his social media that he was working on a development project to give affordable housing to the poor and unsheltered.

He simply captioned the video post, “BANKHEAAAD‼️”

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“Checking on my development here on Bankhead man,” he says in the video. “Right here used to be the old Kmart Giant Food. Now we got affordable housing. 143 units going up mixed-used community… We’re about 40% done. We’re supposed to be done sometime next year.”

According to T.I., they will have 143 units will be completed by next year for people to move in. It will be a mixed community. In his footage, he also takes a swipe at the many people who claim they are from the Bankhead area of Atlanta and not give back. “I’m not gonna do a bunch of jaw-jacking… I am gonna show mine.”

“I got love for everybody over here, but if anybody got anything to say about me s–t man don’t look at me, look at my work. Don’t look at me look at my work. Look at my moves, s–t we can kill all the cap.”

The development will be called “Intrada Westside” and one of T.I.’s representatives said that it will sit on 7 acres. It will be developed through a partnership between Vecino Group and the multi-hyphenate.

Located at 2174 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, here is the breakdown on the type of homes available for people. There will be 69-one bedrooms unit, 49-two bedroom units, and 25-three bedroom units.