Tiffany Haddish Responds To Accusations Of Bullying Black Doctor Over COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Tiffany Haddish

The ‘Girls Trip’ star is being accused of co-signing a conspiracy theorist who allegedly doxxed a woman.

Back in late August 2020, Tiffany Haddish publicly revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19. Over the last few days, the comedian has been on the defensive as Twitter users blast her for allegedly spreading misinformation about the virus.

Haddish, celebrity blogger Jason Lee, and Pan-Africanist Chakra Bars were accused of circulating conspiracy theories about coronavirus on the social media app Clubhouse. A doctor in the CH room apparently pushed back on the unproven idea that the government invented COVID-19 and was met with harassment.

There are now allegations that Haddish and others doxxed the physician which led to that person receiving death threats. Some people are even calling the celebrities’ actions cyberbullying, and the Girls Trip actress is taken the brunt of the blame from critics.

“Chakabars is getting his 1 million followers to attack a Black woman because Black doctors got his account suspended for misinformation. This guy is a monster. It’s petrifying,” tweeted one person. Haddish responded, “You a lie!!!”

Another Twitter user wrote, “I lost my complete respect for Tiffany Haddish tonight. As a longtime fan, I’m disgusted to see how she came at that young Black girl who was crying over the death threats and harassment she’s received at the hands of Tiffany’s friend Chakabars.”

Haddish replied, “Honey, she has launched a whole campaign and told nothing but lies against a Black man. And thought no one would notice. Smh. I don’t need your respect. I just wish people would tell [the] truth. I just told her the truth she has the [man’s] name everywhere.”

She also tweeted, “There is a special place in God’s Kingdom for people that like to lie and make up stories on other people.” Another one of her tweets read, “How did I bully please tell me? I was just trying to tell the lady why she was going [through] what she was going [through]. She is totally breaking clubhouse rules.”

Haddish denied spreading the doctor’s personal information online. The 41-year-old Emmy Award winner also emphatically refuted taking part in bullying someone over the COVID-19 discussion, and she defended Chakra Bars disseminating info that may not be accurate or scientifically proven.

At one point, Dr. Nadeen White of Atlanta tweeted directly at Haddish. The Pediatrics Specialist posted, “The truth that COVID-19 exists & has disproportionately affected [people of color] & Black physicians are trying to educate our communities [with] facts, not fiction?”

Haddish countered, “I am here for facts. Please show me where I have spread any false news about COVID. Oh, I get it, you use my name to spread your facts that I have to use my discernment to see if it’s true. I will use your name in things that, I want people to know as well. Hope you like it.”

One Twitter user informed Haddish that the doctor she is accused of bullying allegedly attempted to commit suicide. Haddish then stated, “That is true it does take a lot. I remember all the times I tried to kill myself. Would you like to talk about that? It had a lot to do with having to live in [foster care], being told I was ugly, stupid, being raped, and feeling like I had no purpose on this earth. So I can relate.”

After her Twitter mentions were filled with countless reactions to the developing story surrounding the Clubhouse conversation, Haddish seemed to acknowledge the problem with sharing false information about COVID-19. Initially, she wrote, “Well I believe unicorns are real. I also believe I have big [breasts], and a super fat ass, and aliens are real. Should people not be my friend because of that? I am friends with many people that don’t believe what I do. Because they are smart enough to use discernment.”

Then a user responded, “That’s fine because those conspiracy theories/myths don’t hurt people, you can believe in them as long as you want. However, conspiracy theories pertaining to the pandemic, disease, and harassing/bullying doctors ain’t cool at all that’s my point.” Haddish then simply replied, “Ok.”

Last month, Black Panther star Letitia Wright faced a firestorm of criticism when she shared an anti-vaccine YouTube video with her Twitter followers. At first, Wright defended the decision to post a random video from a non-medical professional that questioned the legitimacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. Eventually, she deleted her entire Twitter account following the overwhelmingly negative pushback online.