TikTok Star Huey Haha Dead At 22

Huey Haha

Fans are mourning the loss of breakout internet comedian, Huey Haha who died from unknown causes at the age of 22.

Huey Haha, a break-out TikTok and YouTube artist, has died at the age of 22.

Sadly, he is his death leaves his 2-year-old daughter Princess without a father. His death was confirmed on Wednesday, October 27 on social media.

His Instagram profile noted the news about his unfortunate passing.

“Rest In Peace to Huey Ha. Huey Ha passed away October 25, 2021. He loved and appreciated every single one of his supporters.”

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While details Have yet to be released about how Huey Haha died, information was shared with his 303K followers about the family’s GoFundMe for the memorial expenses.

“This is the official GoFundMe all proceeds will go towards funeral costs and his daughter.”

At the time of this publishing, fans had donated almost $35K for his homegoing celebration.

Huey Ha popped up on the Internet in 2019 and instantly became a star. Known for his “diamond-encrusted” grill and his short comedy skits online.

He amassed a TikTok following that had over 4.5 million viewers as well as 450,000 subscribers
on YouTube and millions of fans that are now broken-hearted.

These fans, unable to take a beat and wait for an official statement on his death have already started saying what they think was the cause of this death.

“Rest in Paradise to this young, creative, and amazingly talented star. You will be missed. Prayers and condolences to all of your friends and family.”


“That boy had half of Stockton laughin’ at his skits. Rest in paradise to Huey.”

“Man RIP Huey. This got me f – – ked up. Idk what happened but I understand the grind to get to where he was. Praying for his baby girl and fam. How did Huey Haha die?”