Tina Knowles Says Jay-Z Would Be A Successful Owner For The NFL’s Washington Commanders


Reports claim Hip Hop billionaire #JayZ is looking to purchase the team.

Will Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter become part of the next ownership group to buy the Washington Commanders?

Current Commanders owners Daniel and Tanya Snyder are supposedly considering selling the NFL franchise. According to reports, Jay-Z and fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos could put in a bid to buy the team.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Jay-Z’s mother-in-law, Tina Knowles. The parent of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Solange Knowles expressed her thoughts about the Roc Nation founder and his wife possibly investing in the Commanders.

“I have no doubt that anything that they put their minds to, they can do it well,” answered Tina Knowles when asked about Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s rumored future connection to the NFL. However, the Knowles family matriarch added, “I don’t know anything about it though.”

The NFL & Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Already Work Together On Live Performances & Social Justice Initiatives

Jay-Z already has a well-established, long-term relationship with the National Football League. The 24-time Grammy winner’s Roc Nation agency entered into a partnership with the NFL in 2019 which featured producing the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Additionally, Roc Nation and the NFL worked together to present social justice public service announcements about unarmed Black victims of police shootings such as Botham Jean and Stephon Clark. The partnership also included donations to non-profit organizations as part of the Inspire Change initiative.

Jay-Z did face some criticism for cutting a deal with the NFL as teams in the league continued to refuse to sign former San Francisco 49ers quarterback/social activist Colin Kaepernick. In 2020, Jay-Z addressed the public backlash on Jay Electronica’s “Flux Capacitor” off the A Written Testimony album.

“Why would I sell out? I’m already rich, don’t make no sense. Got more money than [NFL Commissioner Roger] Goodell, a whole NFL bench. Did it one-handed like Odell, handcuffed to a jail. I would’ve stayed on the sideline if they could’ve tackled that s### themselves,” raps Jay-Z in the song.