Rapper Who Faced Charges Because Of His Music Has Case Dismissed


The rapper who was facing conspiracy charges because of his lyrics is now a free man. NBC reports that a San Diego Superior Court judge has dismissed the charges against Brandon Duncan, who raps under the moniker Tiny Doo, because there was not enough evidence to bring him to trial.

Duncan, 33, was one of the 15 defendants who faced charges in connection to nine shootings that happened from May 2013 to February 2014. Prosecutors alleged that Duncan’s music promoted violence and criminal activity and that he benefited from the notoriety gained from his Lincoln Park, CA gang. There was no evidence connecting him to any shootings.

This case had brought a controversial law to the forefront. Duncan was being charged under California’s Penal Code 182. 5, which states that gang members can be charged with crimes committed by other members whether they were involved or not.

Defense Attorney Brian Watkins argued that this whole case violated Duncan’s First Amendment rights.

“I think the whole world was watching because when they put our First Amendment here in America on trial, to say that Brandon Duncan’s rap music encouraged these shootings,”Watkins told NBC.

The gunman in these shootings has not been charged.