Tony Yayo Snaps On DMX Over G-Unit Mix-Up

The Hip-Hop veteran apparently confused two members of G-Unit group during a debate with Fatman Scoop.

(AllHipHop News) During an IG Live session with Fat Man Scoop, DMX, had a lot to say about Lloyd Banks, and his lyrical ability.

Things got heated pretty quickly and the two clashed as Lloyd Banks’ name was brought into the mix.

Scoop credited Banks for having punchlines for days, and as someone who was always lyrical from the jump. However, DMX didn’t seem to agree.

“Lloyd Banks? Lyrical? Quote four bars. Impress me with four bars of his,” he went on to say.

But apparently, X confused him for another one of G-Unit’s members! He later admitted to confusing Banks with Tony Yayo.

DMX quickly issued an apology: “It takes a real n##ga to admit when he’s wrong. My apologies to Lloyd Banks. I was thinking Yayo when I was ask abouted Banks. I f##k with Banks!.”

Banks’ initial reaction was, “Dogman is my guy and all but wth DMX talkin bout lol. I have no clue..god bless him.”

Meanwhile, Yayo kept it G on his end and took aim at DMX’s history of substance abuse.

Fans of DMX were quick to rush Tony Yayo’s Twitter to flooded with insults on behalf of the Yonkers rapper.