Too Short Slams Documentary Claiming He’s A Trump Supporter

Too Short

Too Short is warning his fans not to trust the “fake news” about him being a Trump supporter in a new documentary!

Rap veteran Too Short has distanced himself from U.S. President Donald Trump after a press release for an upcoming documentary suggested he was among the Republican leader’s supporters.

The Hip-Hop star was invited by director Daphne Barak to sit down and discuss politics for Trump vs. Hollywood. Recently, a media statement promoting the upcoming project was issued.

The press release claimed Trump had invited a “prominent group of African-American actors and entertainers” to the White House for an event in December to discuss his plans to help the black community, with the meeting set to be attended by Barak and the stars of “Trump vs. Hollywood.”

After quotes from rap pioneer Eric B and former Grey’s Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington, the statement went on to feature Too Short grouped together with pro-Trump celebrities like Kid Rock, Scott Baio, and Dean Cain, who appear in “Trump vs. Hollywood,” too.

Actress and media personality Claudia Jordan also found her name mentioned in the same paragraph, but both she and Too Short have now spoken out to make it clear they do not support Trump – and only agreed to participate in the documentary because Barak insisted it would feature opinions from “both sides of the aisle” and would not be a “pro-Trump piece”.

Jordan addressed the controversy with Too Short in a chat on Instagram, when the rapper explained, “I was asked to do an interview, that was it. I wasn’t asked to go to a dinner, I wasn’t invited to a dinner…

“I didn’t tell anybody anywhere on planet earth… that I support Donald Trump as a candidate.”

Too Short revealed Trump officials had tried in the “last couple weeks” to convince him to travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with the President, but he declined because he refuses to be used as a pawn to win over black voters.

“I said, ‘I’m not doing this…’ I don’t wanna be used as an endorsement. Like, you just shake his hand and they’re like, ‘Oh, you endorse him!'” he shared. “I don’t wanna be a part of none of that during this election process.”

Appearing to take a shot at Lil Wayne, who met with Trump last week and gave the incumbent leader his backing, Too Short said, “Anybody who’s taking this moment as a photo op… to be relevant for a day, I can’t respect that…”

Jordan shared video footage of the exchange online and captioned it, “Me and @tooshort had to let y’all know what’s REALLY going on!

“Trump admin using black celebs and rappers names as endorsements that have NOT endorsed (sic). Don’t be fooled!”