Tory Lanez Accuses Prosecutors Of Lying To Jury About His DNA Being On Gun Used To Shoot Megan The Stallion 

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is demanding a new trial claiming prosecutors “completely manipulated my DNA results and lied” to the jury.

Tory Lanez is continuing to protest his innocence after his conviction for shooting Megan the Stallion, demanding a new trial. He claims prosecutors misled and lied to the jury over his DNA being on the gun used in the shooting.  

He shared an open letter to the Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon over the weekend hitting back at the conviction and demanding a new trial. The, on Tuesday (Apr. 25), the Canadian artist’s attorney Jose Baez claimed his client will show DNA evidence was used to mislead the jury.  

Shortly after the attorney’s announcement Tory Lanez was shared a statement via a jail call on his Instagram page. On the recording, Tory accused Deputy District Attorneys Kathy Ta and Alex Bott and a DNA expert of misleading the jury over whether his DNA was on the gun used to shoot Megan Thee Stallion.  

“I’ve been incarcerated for almost half a year over a gun that the D.A.s lied and said I shot,” the recording began. Tory claims he took a DNA test in 2021 “with no pushback, delay or question,” because “I was 100% positive that I never even touched this gun.” 

Tory Lanez claims “My DNA is 100% excluded and 100% eliminated from the gun”

The statement continued, “With the help of L.A. Crime Labs DNA expert Randy Zepeda, D.A. Kathy Ta, and Alex Bott completely manipulated my DNA results, and lied to the world, the media, and most importantly my jury — by stating that my DNA on the gun was inconclusive. That was an absolute lie.”  

According to Tory, a test conducted by “one of the best DNA experts in the nation,” proves, “My DNA is 100% excluded and 100% eliminated from the gun. In other words, it’s physically and scientifically impossible for me to ever have touched or shot this gun.”  

Furthermore, he claims prosecutors used “invalid and illegal tactics … to attain the results used to convict me.” Additionally, Tory Lanez states the L.A. Crime Lab would have to have stopped “the testing before its finished or completed its final result,” to achieve an inconclusive result.  

He concluded, “In other words, District Attorney Kathy Ta and Alex Bott lied to my jury with false, incorrect and incomplete DNA results, violating my due process and my 14th Amendment right. My faith, my prayers and my highest hopes go to the honorable Judge Harriford, that on May 8, he rules in favor of the United States Supreme Court law returning me to my freedom, my family and most importantly, the justice of a fair trial.” 

Listen to the call below. 

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