Tory Lanez Explains Creating 80s-Inspired Ashton Rain Character For ‘Alone At Prom’ Album

Tory Lanez

Daystar goes retro for his latest project.

Canadian rapper/singer Daystar “Tory Lanez” Peterson is back with another body of work. This week, the 29-year-old recording artist let loose his Alone At Prom studio LP.

For Alone At Prom, Tory Lanez introduced a new 1980s-inspired character named Ashton Rain. Lanez used several music videos to tell Ashton Rain’s story.

“Ashton Rain is a mixture of Hall & Oates, Toto, Michael Jackson, Rick James, and more,” explains Tory Lanez. “The music was so retro and nostalgic that the character had to be created and authenticated through film, picture, and music video.”

The Juno Award winner continued, “Ashton Rain is today’s last hope of getting a full [catalog] now and later of pure Pop, R&B, Alternative and 80’s Rock music and I’m excited for everyone to hear what I’ve poured my passion into with the Alone At Prom album.”

Alone At Prom contains 11 tracks, including “Lady Of Namek,” “’87 Stingray,” and “Enchanted Waterfall.” For the project’s visuals, Tory Lanez drew inspiration from classic 1980s-era teen movies such as Teen Wolf and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Tory Lanez dropped his previous album, Daystar, in September 2020. He also released the Loner mixtape in December 2020 and the Playboy mixtape in March 2021. Additionally, the We Outside EP arrived in July of this year.