EXCLUSIVE: Tracy Chapman Says Nicki Minaj Hiding Texts, Drags Funkmaster Flex Into Legal War

Nicki Minaj believes Funkmaster Flex will help her win a legal battle with Tracy Chapman.

(AllHipHop News) Lawyers for Tracy Chapman are fed up with Nicki Minaj.

Chapman’s attorneys claim Nicki Minaj’s behavior is severely hindering their case as she attempts to sue the rapper for illegally sampling one of her songs.

Tracy Chapman sued Nicki in October of 2018, claiming she denied the rapper permission to sample her song “Baby Can I Hold You.”

Nicki Minaj, real name Onika Maraj, sampled “Baby Can I Hold You” and turned it into a song called “Sorry” featuring Nas.

When Nicki attempted to clear the record for her album Queen, Tracy Chapman denied her request.

Somehow, the record was leaked by Funkmaster Flex, who is now being dragged into the case.

Tracy Chapman’s lawyers claimed Nicki Minaj has been refusing to hand over the text messages she sent to Funkmaster Flex before, and after the leak of “Sorry.”

Tracy Chapman insists Nicki Minaj has been dragging her heels and ignoring requests for key information the singer has been seeking for months.

When Nicki finally complied with a court order, the rapper allegedly handed over one document.

Chapman’s legal team is asking a judge to force Nicki Minaj to hand over the text messages she sent to Funkmaster Flex about the leak of “Sorry.”

“Enough is enough. Maraj should not be permitted to continue to avoid her discovery obligations, and should be compelled to produce the documents,” Tracy Chapman’s lawyer said in a new motion a judge to make Nicki hand over the text messages.

At the center of this dispute is a tweet Funkmaster Flex sent out shortly before “Sorry” was leaked which read: “Nicki gave me something @NickiMinaj, featuring @Nas. Not on her album…”

During her deposition in September, Nicki claimed she had been in touch with Funkmaster Flex, real name Aston George Taylor.

The rapper said she sent Funk Flex a legal document he was supposed to sign stating that she nothing to do with the leak.

“I was talking to him about the document. And he advised me that he already made it clear that he — that he didn’t receive this song from me, and that he was going to state that on the document that we sent him,” Nicki Minaj explained.

“And…we mentioned the wording of ‘Nicki gave me something,’ and he said that he made that clear to everyone who had asked him already, that that’s his figure of speech,” Nicki said.

“I was, like, that’s not good for you to have put that in a tweet if I didn’t give you something. But he said he clarified it. So I don’t know if it was to Tracy Chapman’s legal team or to my legal team, but he said he clarified that wording,” Nicki Minaj said.

Nicki Minaj’s lawyers dismissed Tracy Chapman’s latest request for more documents, saying their client has been compliant the entire time.

“The Court should not be fooled by the false and inflammatory narrative Chapman offers in support of her motion, and should not allow it to color its evaluation of this motion,” Nicki’s lawyers said, claiming their the rapper has been compliant the entire time.

AllHipHop has confirmed Funkmaster Flex has already been subpoenaed and he supposed to be deposed on November 22nd.