Trae Tha Truth Arrested For Assaulting Z-Ro

Trae Tha Truth turned himself in for assaulting Z-Ro in Houston last summer after Z-Ro decided to press charges! Read more!

Recording artist and philanthropist Trae The Truth turned himself in to authorities yesterday (December 29th) after rapper Z-Ro pressed charges against him for assault following an altercation in Houston in August 2022. 

Z-Ro accused Trae The Truth (also his cousin) of assault following an altercation on August 27th after a charity dinner hosted by rap star 50 Cent as part of his annual Tycoon Weekend.

In a video statement released after the one-sided fight, Z-Ro claimed that he was approached by Trae and was asked to speak with him privately. 

When Z-Ro agreed and followed Trae to the side of a bus, he claimed he was punched and then attacked by a group of unknown individuals. 

The altercation was captured on video, showing multiple people punching and kicking Z-Ro. The rapper also indicated that he did not know the individuals who participated in the attack.

Trae discussed his demeanor with AllHipHop during an interview prior to his fight with Z-Ro. 

“I’m a laid back cat. I’m cool as can be until you create the monster, then I can be something way different. Most of the time I’m laid back and cool man. It makes me feel different when so many people can see me on TV or see me doing this or doing that, then see me in public and realize “man, he’s the same as us and just as cool as us,” Trae told

In a previous interview with AllHipHop, Z-Ro also discussed his meaning of the “G-Code.” 

“It means that you keep it real with your peoples, but more importantly, you keep it real with yourself. You are a grown man who takes care of his responsibility. You are aware that only the strong survive, and you survive the best way you know how. I am not saying that people should go out and hustle drugs or kill, but I know firsthand because I had to deal with that type of stuff. As I said earlier, being honest and real with yourself and others,” Z-Ro told

Despite the charges, Trae remains in good spirits and is currently out on bail while awaiting the next steps in his defense against the accusations. 

Trae is well-known for his charitable efforts, including providing aid for the Jackson water crisis, participating in rescue efforts in Florida, supporting youth causes, and, most recently, helping an elderly woman who was arrested for not paying her trash bill. 

The rapper’s fans are hoping for a swift resolution to the situation.