Travis Scott Could Face Criminal Responsibility For Astroworld Deaths

Lawyers said they have been left in the dark about what the grand jury’s decision.

Travis Scott could receive several criminal indictments related to the multiple deaths and injuries from a crowd surge during his 2020 Astroworld concert in Houston.

The harrowing incident took a legal and financial toll on Scott’s career, but that’s nothing compared to what the victims’ families have had to endure. According to the Houston Chronicle, a grand jury will decide how to move forward.

On Thursday (June 29), prosecutors, defense lawyers and Houston police detectives were spotted at the grand jury proceedings. Scott’s attorney, Kent Schaffer, and Christopher Downey, attorney for festival manager Brent Silberstein, were anxiously on deck waiting to see what the life-changing decision might be for all parties.

This differs from civil cases, where victims or their families will receive compensation for injuries or loss of life. In this case, people could potentially go to jail. It seems the lawyers are in the dark, which made the situation much more ominous.

“I don’t know their position on my client or anyone,” Downey said. Schaffer, on the other hand, said to the press that he didn’t believe the grand jury has enough evidence to support bringing criminal charges against the rapper.

Information is likely scarce due to a current gag order in put in place by the judge on lawyers, surviving victims, their families and others connected to the civil case. Downey believes the rules might also apply to the criminal case.