Travis Scott Has New “Designer Weed” That’s Like “Fine Wine”

Travis Scott

Travis Scott has teamed with a deep-pocketed cannabis company that has raised close to $100 million to launch what they have labeled “designer weed.”

Rapper Travis Scott is lighting up the marijuana industry with his own brand of weed.

Travis Scott has partnered with pot professionals at Connected Cannabis to launch Cactus Farms, an indica-style hybrid strain which features a “dense, purple bud structure that smokes with the same experience as sipping a fine wine,” according to company officials.

Cactus Farms, handpicked by Scott, is only currently available in California and Arizona, where recreational marijuana is legal.

He is the latest rapper to move into the cannabis industry – Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa are just some of the big names to boast their own pot products.

In April, Connected Cannabis closed a $30 million capital raise consisting of debt and equity financing, adding to the $25 million the company raised in 2019.

The company has built out a proprietary genetics portfolio of premium strains and meticulously cultivating cannabis at scale since 2009, pioneering what is labeled “designer weed.”