Travis Scott’s Fashion Line Launch With Dior Turns Into A Full-Fledged Riot

Travis Scott

Travis Scott drew more than a crowd in Paris, when he launched his new fashion line with Dior!

Travis Scott, in almost everything that he does, causes just as much havoc as the Beatles in the 60s.

It is true, just ask luxury fashion brand Christian Dior.

The rap god launched a collection with the French company during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris and a riot broke out, outside of the venue.

The clothing was beautiful and curated with class and style, but the ruffians that could not get into the limited audience (a measly 500 people) were acting as hood Compton flea market.

WWD reports, “The event drew a large crowd outside, which surged forward and knocked over a security barrier when the singer left the venue, forcing him to retreat back inside — before re-emerging to commune with his fans in an impromptu street mosh pit.”

But yesterday was about the clothes — not the weird Parians.

Scott used his Texas influences to help create the new look: psychedelic influences, from the sun-bleached pastels and acid green of the color palette to the giant mushrooms and cacti dotting the desert-like set.

He said, “The cactus is one of my enduring inspirational plants. It’s a label and a movement, an idea and an inspiration that we try to instill and keep moving, trying to help the world with new design and inspirational experiences.”

Scott even told the people at the time that his middle name is Jacques and that his mother is calls him Baby Jack, which is where his nickname come from. Everything that he is doing seems to go back to his roots.

Dior sees that too.

Kim Jones, from the brand says that Christian Dior actually first went to Texas in 1947, “We’ve basically done the reverse journey via Travis.”