Travis Scott Hit With Lawsuit For Allegedly Causing Stampede At Rolling Loud In 2019 

Travis Scott

A rep for Travis Scott claimed “this is another blatant, cynical attempt to attack” the rapper and is “based on a blatant lie.”

While Travis Scott is back in the studio, apparently working on new music after debuting a fresh single during his performance at the Billboard Awards last week, his legal issues continue to mount.  

According to Rolling Stone, Travis Scott is being sued for allegedly causing a stampede at Rolling Loud Miami in 2019. The outlet reports Marchelle Love filed an amended complaint on May 10 on behalf of herself and a minor child and guardian identified as U.M., in which she claims cops instructed Travis Scott to end the show soon after it began “due to the crowd becoming dangerous and uncontrollable.”  

She further alleges that though Travis stopped performing, he continued to encourage the crowd by “verbally and physically incite the crowd to engage in a mosh pit and other hazardous activities.” 

The complaint states this led to panic in the crowd, and “multiple stampedes” continued. “Despite the fact that Travis Scott was aware of and could clearly see concertgoers being injured, suffocating, losing consciousness, fighting and being trampled, he continued his performance while authorities were forced to attempt to render aid to these injured concertgoers.” 

Travis Scott Responds

However, a representative for Travis Scott states the complaint is “completely unrelated” to the rapper. “This is another blatant, cynical attempt to attack Travis,” the rep told Rolling Stone. “As even the complaint makes clear, this incident was related to a false report of a shooting mid-show, completely unrelated to Travis’s performance… This cheap opportunism is based on a blatant lie that’s easy to detect.” 

Love’s complaint notes she suffered unspecified “severe injuries” that are “permanent in nature,” including, “bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, expense of hospitalization, medical and nursing care treatment, loss of earnings, loss of ability to earn money, and aggravation of a previously existing condition.”  

She is seeking a jury trial and damages exceeding the jurisdictional amount of $30,000. She claims Travis Scott should have known his actions would “result in foreseeable injury.”  

Travis Scott is currently the subject of more than 275 civil wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits following the Astroworld Festival tragedy last November. Earlier this month, a woman sued the rapper after suffering a miscarriage after attending the event.