Travis Scott Makes Undisclosed Settlement With NYC Nightclub Owner & Engineer

Travis Scott

The criminal charges connected to the Club Nebula altercation are still being considered.

Rapper Travis Scott and his legal team have made a move to end a civil lawsuit against him by the owners of a New York City nightclub and its employee.

According to TMZ, the parties have reached an undisclosed settlement.

As reported by, the chart-topper was in an altercation in a Midtown Manhattan nightclub called Nebula on Wednesday, Mar. 1.

During the melee, Scott, 31, assaulted a 52-year-old sound engineer, ripped out his video monitor, and broke his speaker. The damages, according to sources, ranged up to $12,000.  

While the civil complaint might have gone away, the artist still faces criminal charges.

“This remains an active investigation,” according to a representative from the New York Police Department.

At least for now, the investigation is open. Sources close to the case explain the alleged victim is no longer cooperating with law enforcement and so the charges may not stick.

This is something Scott is probably grateful for considering he is still swimming in backlash from the disastrous Astroworld festival in November 2021.

Travis Scott and Live Nation faced lawsuits after the tragedy that left 10 people dead and hundreds more injured.

Live Nation reached a settlement with the family of Axel Acosta and possibly with the family of Brianna Rodriguez, the youngest person to lose their life during the deadly crowd surge.

On the flip side, Scott has not settled any civil claims in this case. But has issued a “general denial” to the claims against him and asked for multiple lawsuits to be dismissed.