Travis Scott Explains Why He Doesn’t Get Involved In Political Action Like The Ferguson Protests (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) It has been over a year since the killing of Micheal Brown sparked protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown’s death at the hands of police officer Darren Wilson further ignited the Black Lives Matter movement in cities across the country. Activists are even set to gather in Washington, DC this weekend for the “Justice Or Else” march calling for equal justice under the law regardless of creed, class, or color.

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While Hip Hop representatives have joined with Black Lives Matter protesters and numerous entertainers are expected to take part in “Justice Or Else,” Texas rapper Travis Scott recently expressed to Clique he does not have any interest in taking part in political/social activism.

“I don’t really get too involved in the whole political sh*t. That’s sh*t’s too weird,” said Scott.

He continued, “It’s like the second Saturday. Are motherf*ckers still in Ferguson? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure n*ggas’ lot is still burnt the f*ck down. And n*ggas’ cribs are f*cked up now. And n*ggas’ neighborhood that was probably once good is now a ghetto.”

Since the unrest in 2014, Ferguson has seen new city officials and a new police chief appointed. Andre Anderson, the city’s first African-American head of police, has stated one of his main goals is to retrain officers on bias and hiring more qualified Black officers. The department was severely unrepresentative of the majority Black community it was policing.

Missouri governor Jay Nixon also signed a new bill into law that will limit the share of total revenue St. Louis County municipalities can collect through traffic fines at 12.5%. Reform advocates criticized Ferguson’s reliance on traffic tickets to fund city services, and residents complained the $2 million collected in minor traffic tickets and court fees was a form of exploitation against the city’s citizens.

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Watch Travis Scott’s interview below.