Travis Scott Speaks On Kicking A Cameraman Off The Stage At Summer Jam (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Travis Scott forced a sanctioned cameraman to get off the stage while he was performing at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. “Get your f*cking nerdy ass off the stage. Go! I don’t know you. Go! Nobody on stage bro! No disrespect. I’m an artist. I don’t care if you’re working for Summer Jam. Bye! You’re not working for Travis,” the “3500” rapper told the videographer.

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Was it rude, arrogant, and unprofessional? Or was it an artist taking control of his performance space? People have fallen on both sides of the argument, and the performer has now publicly offered his thoughts on the incident. Scott stopped by Power 106 to talk about the Summer Jam situation.

“That was like the second to last song of my set. When I perform, I like a clear set. And I was already p##### about them not allowing me to have a screen on stage,” said Travis. “I don’t get why radio shows allow artists to do radio shows without creative control. Instead of that, I get their press guys and camera guys to be backdrop for my show.”

The Houston native went on to say artists should not let a promoter put people on stage with them. When radio show host J. Cruz suggested the workers at the concert have jobs to do, Travis replied that camera operators should stay in the press pit.

“Fans are here to look at me. What is a camera guy being behind me have to do with anything for a show when you have like 15 other camera guys at the bottom?” Scott asked.

Travis added that he does not let anyone on stage with him whenever he is performing. He relayed to The Cruz Show he has removed celebrities, his friends, and his manager from being in his vicinity during a show. Travis did apologize for calling the cameraman “nerdy” and claimed he tried to contact him directly.

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Watch Travis Scott’s interview.