Travis Scott Wins Lawsuit Battle Over Crashed Lamborghini

A luxury rental car company lost their attempt to get $100,000 from the “Sicko Mode” rapper over a car crash on New Year’s Eve.

(AllHipHop News) While many people are upset about how much money they are losing this week (stock market crashing and The Rona stopping people from touring), Travis Scott is doing the happy dance.

Travis was the victor in a recent legal battle, saving him a cool $100,000.

On the last day of 2017, “Sicko Mode” rapper was in a horrible car crash on his way to Diddy’s house for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve night of partying with Puff, DJ Khaled, Halsey and so many more.

Instead, Travis wound up smashing a rented Lamborghini Aventador that he copped from Super Cars, a company specializing in providing influencers and rich people with high-end luxury cars.

The car sustained what has been labeled as “extensive damage,” according to court records.

But Travis and the company that owned the car came up with an off the books, $90,000 deal, to squash everything. Sounds too clean to be true?

Well, it was.

Super Cars doubled back and wanted an additional $100,000 to repair the car, stating that the damages caused by the wreck hindered their ability to get more gwap for the vehicle, since it was out of commission.

However, Travis is a smart cat.

Travis Scott went on the offensive and sued Super Cars in Miami-Dade circuit court, insisting “Super Cars threatened to violate the terms of the confidentiality provision contained in the settlement agreement by making specious and salacious claims to news agencies and tabloids regarding the accident.”

Originally a trial judge ruled in Scott’s side, but Super Cars appealed the verdict. Then it went to a Third District Court of Appeal, who also sided with Scott.

According to the ruling, the Astroworld mega star coughed up all that he needed to.