Trend of Celebrity LA Homes Being Robbed Continues; Rappers Athletes Victimized


(AllHipHop News) There has been a disturbing number of celebrity homes being burglarized in 2017.

In February, Nicki Minaj’s house was broken into and completely trashed, while the bandits left with $200,000 worth of jewelry and other property.

There are no suspects although, the attack looked personal because picture frames were destroyed and even some of her clothes were cut up.

While the Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown was still going on in January, Soulja Boy’s L.A. house was robbed.

The thieves got away with $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry.

Soulja Boy’s house is wired with cameras so the suspect’s image was caught; however, no arrests have been made as the police are still investigating.

Kendall Jenner was the most recent victim after her home was burglarized for over $200,000 worth of goods last Wednesday (March 15).

Other people hit include:
Nick Young
Yasiel Puig
Kendall Jenner
Derek Fisher
Alanis Morissette
Cesar Millan
Floyd Mayweather (Floyd’s happened in Vegas, while he was in L.A.).