Trey Songz Wants His Sexual Assault Case Dismissed Saying Plaintiff Tried To Bribe A Witness

Trey Songz

Trey Songz wants a Florida judge to dismiss his sexual assault case after a witness claims to be have been contacted and offered money.

Troubled singer Trey Songz wants a Florida judge to dismiss his sexual assault case. He and his team have alleged that a witness has been contacted and offered money.

As reported by, Trey Songz has been embattled with allegations that on New Year’s Eve in 2017, he violated Jauhara Jeffries, a woman from Georgia, while she was dancing on a couch.

She alleges in her lawsuit that at first, the two were at Diddy’s end-of-the-year party in Miami and then went to a different nightclub called E11VEN. 

At E11VEN, Jeffries stood up on the couch to get her wiggle on, and the “I Invented Sex” singer stuck his finger inside of her v##### without her consent.

Now, Trey Songz, who has maintained his innocence all along, says in newly filed documents that Jefferies’ team has tried to bribe a key witness to support their story, according to TMZ. 

He wants the judge to dismiss the case.

The witness, who is currently unnamed, said that she was approached by Jefferies’ lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, to become a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit. Mitchell told her that she would receive, should she switch, between $100k-$200k, depending on if the Virginia native settled. 

She told them “no,” and went back to the singer and dimed them out.

This witness, the singer believes, can clear his name if she tells her story.

She and his defense team claim that she was there and can attest that no one was assaulted that night, not her nor the plaintiff.

Mitchell also represents Dylan Gonzales, another person charging Trey Songz more severe accusations: assault and rape.

A judge has yet to rule.