Trick Daddy Ridicules Uncle Murda In Wild Rant About Annual “Rap Up” Recap

Trick Daddy

Uncle Murda dissed Trick Daddy in the 2021 edition of the yearly “Rap Up” series.

Trick Daddy isn’t a fan of Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up” songs.

The Miami native called out Uncle Murda on an episode of the cooking show I Got My Pots. Trick Daddy berated Uncle Murda, taking issue with the Brooklyn-bred rapper’s annual “Rap Up” releases.

“Viral is something that you do accidentally,” Trick Daddy said. “Anybody that tries to go viral, you considered to me as a clown. You a joke, you a fool, you a gimmick, you a fraud … The number one clown for the last five years is Uncle Murda. You a clown, boy.”

He continued, “You take people’s unfortunate disasters, you take people’s downward spirals in life, you take the things that people go through within that year, you sit there for that whole year ‘cause you ain’t got nothing else to do. And you sit there, you take everything that person went through and you put it in a song every year. You ain’t got nothing else better to do. That’s clown s###, boy.”

Uncle Murda labeled Trick Daddy a “cokehead” in the “Rap Up 2021.” Trick Daddy claimed his gripe was about more than one diss.

“You said my name, and I didn’t say nothing about it because I didn’t want this to be about me,” he said. “This not about me. This is about everybody that feel like they don’t have the voice to say something to you. I’m gonna say something to you. And I stand on what I said.”

Trick Daddy added, “I’m not worrying about no backlash off nothing I say to you, boy. You a clown! And I’m standing on this, 10 toes down … Find you something else to do. You wanna make some money? Find you something else to do. Don’t take people’s misfortune, people’s downside, the bad things that happen in people’s lives and make a song off it every year.”

Watch Trick Daddy’s rant below. The Uncle Murda talk begins around the 13-minute mark.