Trick Daddy Trends Online After Admitting To Getting “Ate Out”

Trick Daddy

The ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ star gets really honest.

Trick Daddy has never been shy about discussing his sexual preferences. Back in 2014, the South Florida-raised rapper told about his mission of establishing the Eat A Booty Gang as a national force.

Apparently, the “Nann N####” rhymer likes to receive oral pleasure as much as he likes to give it. A clip of Trick Daddy talking about analingus on the Drink Champs podcast made the rounds on social media.

“Women [are] eating the booty too… Yeah, I get ate out,” Trick Daddy told Drink Champs hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. The conversation continued with N.O.R.E. asking his guest, “You don’t have your legs in the air though?” Trick responded, “It depends.”

Trick Daddy was ridiculed seven years ago when he admitted to performing analingus on his female partners. Other people believed the promotion of the Eat A Booty Gang was just the Based on a True Story album creator trolling for attention.

“I’m a man. Real men love women. I’ve been talking since 96-97… I was the first one that got on a record and ate the p####. On ‘I’ll Be Your Player’ I said, ‘I’ll eat your coochie with your legs up, down your back, up your crack.’ See, I already ate the booty. I just didn’t say it yet. But I did say it,” explained Trick Daddy in 2014.

When questioned if analingus would no longer be so taboo by 2030, Trick Daddy told, “I think they already do [eat booty]. They just don’t say it. I’m that person that says whatever. They tell me, ‘You got no filter, Trick.’ I just say things everybody else wanna say, but everybody ain’t got the heart to say. That’s all.”

Trick Daddy shared more of his personal life with his 2010 memoir Magic City: Trials of a Native Son. An audio version of the book was released earlier this year.

“I wanted to give a voice to all the folks who weren’t blessed enough to share our trials and tribulations and share the inspiration that was found after surviving those storms both natural and man-made,” stated Trick Daddy.

Magic City co-writer Peter Bailey added, “The culture needs this moment to reflect on where we are as a society right now; we need the honesty and lessons presented in Trick’s story.”