Troy Ave Asks For Obama’s Help In Taxstone Murder Trial As Pair Spar Over Testimony

Taxstone and Troy Ave

Rapper and podcast have been throwing shots at each other on social media.

The upcoming murder trial, sure to determine the fate of Hip Hop influencer and podcaster Taxstone, is coming up and his rival, rapper Troy Ave, wants to make sure he is not set up for the crime. He also wants Taxstone to be put under the jail for as long as possible, reaching out to the former president, Barack Obama, to intervene.

“Dear @POTUS44 this Hater tryna frame the murder of MY FRIEND on Me. I’m innocent I boomed @ the hater off self defense! His Mans Caswell & Malcolm ate the 🧀 on him already! My new album gon be called “DEAR HATER I WON”  pre order uP MONDAY!,” the “All About the Money” rapper said.

But the social media jousting did not stop with him reaching out to the former president on Thursday, Mar. 9.

Taxstone tweeted from jail, “Can’t wait for this delusional lying ass bozo to testify on Monday !!!”

As if answering him, Troy Ave tweeted a day later on Friday, Mar. 10., “A call to action is crazy 🤣 “I can’t wait” Said the person with nothing but time 💀…his friends cooked him 🥩 VERY WELL DONE! I might jus bring the dessert , wat kind y’all want ⁉️😂😂😂😂 #UnSafeTho #BeSmartTho.”

As reported by, Troy Ave is expected to take the stand during the trial and testify regarding the fatal shooting of his bodyguard.

Prosecutors have revealed the state has two cooperating witnesses. Reports say Troy Ave and Malcom Kinyon, a drug dealer from Poughkeepsie, NY are working with the court.

Troy Ave signed a cooperation agreement with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in 2017. People are calling him “ratatouille.”

The rivalry between the two has been chronicled in the streets and throughout Hip-Hop lore for years. It has also become deadly.

Please … leave President Obama out of this.