Troy Ave Celebrates Casanova Prison Sentence With $188 Cash Giveaway

Troy Ave vs Casanova

The rapper offered fans $188, a dollar for every year his rival was sentenced.

Troy Ave is overjoyed his rival Casanova was sentenced to 15 years for allegedly selling marijuana and participating in gang warfare with the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation.

As previously reported by AllHipHop, Casanova was convicted on RICO charges and must serve more than a decade in prison. 

In celebration of Cas getting the 188-month sentence in federal prison, Troy Ave took to Instagram and offered fans money while he drove in a luxury car without a care in the world.

“I can’t wipe the mother##king smile off my face if I tried,” the rapper said, gleefully.

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Troy Ave playfully acted like he was trying and said, “It’s still there,” before exclaiming, “It’s Christmas in June.”

The caption for the post mocked Cas even more. He made a sweepstake with his fans based on the Roc Nation artist’s misfortune. It read, “We giving a 188 dollar cash app for whoever can guess why AVE is in such a great mood ? Best answer wins.”

One fan wrote, “S##t like wrestling with Troy ave it can be 10 on one this n#### Troy come out the back into the ring start hitting n##gas with all types of stunners, spears, Rkos, 619s all type of finishers. Lol ave bouta be the undertaker of rap soon lol. N##gas talking s##t. BONG. Lights go out and there you have two rap careers toombstoned in the middle of the ring. Lol I love to see justice .”

Another wrote, “@troyave they can’t bully you anymore bro you can sleep at night for the next 188 months.”

Multiple fans got the answer, but he still needs to reveal who won the cash. He did identify a winner: himself.